Terms and Conditions on lanetalk.com

Guidelines for advertising on lanetalk.com.
Any advertising with allusions to political, erotic, or other content that may be invidious are forbidden on lanetalk.com.

Guidelines for e-mail database on lanetalk.com.
lanetalk.com will under no circumstances sell or give out email addresses to any other bowling center.

lanetalk.com follows Swedish PUL and Marketing Act. For more information, what it means contact The Data Inspection Board and the National Board for Consumer in Sweden.

lanetalk.com finance by advertising. There will be email advertising and on the site that follows the guidelines for advertising on lanetalk.com.

If you want to cancel your account, you must contact support@lanetalk.com from the same email-address which the account is registred on.

Score Data.
All collected data regarding the online scoring systems belongs to lanetalk.com.

Bowling Centers using lanetalk.com shall in some way inform their customers about lanetalk.com and our services for the bowler. Ie. the possibility to get score cards though email etc. Bowling Centers have link to their own lanetalk.com online scoring page from their website. They shall also link directly to lanetalk.com. Customers not following our guide lines may get their service terminated without previous notice.